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Governor Signs League-Supported Bill Promoting Local Economic Development and Flexibility

October 8, 2013
Gov. Jerry Brown signed three League-supported bills today providing for local government flexibility, additional vital resources and control.
Of note, the Governor signed League-supported SB 470 (Wright) sponsored by the City of Long Beach, which provides additional flexibility on property disposal.  Earlier versions of the measure would have also restored “Polanco Act’ brownfield remediation authority to local governments, but the author later opted to drop this provision because the issue was addressed in a broader form in AB 440 (Gatto), also recently signed by the Governor. The League thanks Senator Rod Wright, D-Inglewood, for his leadership on the matter.     
SB 470 (Wright): Local Economic Redevelopment Tools
Status: Signed, Oct.8
League Position: Support, HOT BILL
SB 470 promotes city economic development as they navigate through the state-ordered unraveling of local redevelopment agencies (RDA) in their jurisdictions. The measure provides cities and counties with enhanced flexibility when disposing of publicly-owned property pursuant to a property management plan for economic development purposes, including disposal for “fair reuse value.”
Governor Signs League-Supported Measures
AB 1090 (Fong): Improved Enforcement of FPPC Ethical Standards 
Status: Signed, Oct. 8
League Position: Support
Sponsored by the Fair Political Practices Commission (FPPC), considered the state’s political compliance watchdog, AB 1090 (Fong) is in line with League policies regarding ethical political guidelines. The League would like to thank Assemblyman Paul Fong, D-Cupertino, for authoring this important legislation in the wake of recent legal actions brought against Robert Rizzo.   
AB 1090 authorizes the FPPC to bring civil and administrative enforcement actions for violations of Government Code Section 1090, dealing with conflicts of interest in contracts, and requires the FPPC to provide opinions and advice with respect to Govt. Code Section 1090. Given the complexity of the law and lack of resources for public officials to seek advice on Govt. Code Section 1090, the League believes it is appropriate that the FPPC has the ability to issue opinions as well as enforce this law.
AB 1253 (Blumenfield): Mobile Advertising Displays  
Status: Signed, Oct. 8
League Position: Support
AB 1253 (Blumenfield) allows cities to adopt civil penalties for ordinance violations or resolutions regulating mobile billboard advertising displays. Cities currently have the authority to regulate mobile billboards by either removing them or enforcing misdemeanor criminal penalties. However, some cities need to bolster state law with an ordinance tailored to their particular community. AB 1253 addresses this need by providing for uniform statewide standards and giving local government express authority to adopt such resolutions.       
Urgent Action Still Needed
The League urges city officials and stakeholders to act on the following priority measures in these final days. To have your voice heard follow the bill hot link and tailor the position sample to your city or organization.
League-Supported Measures (Action Pending) 
AB 532 (Gordon): Local Housing Trust Fund.

AB 564 (Mullin): Community redevelopment: successor agencies.

AB 986 (Bradford): Postrelease community supervision: flash incarceration: city jails.

AB 1042 (Hall): Indian Gaming Special Distribution Fund.

HOT BILL AB 1229 (Atkins): Land use: zoning regulations.

League Opposed-Measures (Action Pending)
AB 218 (Dickinson): Employment applications: criminal history.
HOT BILL AB 537 (Bonta): Meyers-Milias-Brown Act: impasse procedures.
HOT BILL AB 562 (Williams): Economic development subsidies: review by local agencies.

HOT BILL AB 1373 (John A. Pérez): Workers’ compensation: firefighters and peace officers.

HOT BILL SB 7 (Steinberg): Public works: charter cities.

HOT BILL SB 313 (De León): Public Safety Officers Procedural Bills of Rights Act.
Status Update
Below is a breakdown on how many bills have been signed or vetoed this year:
For detailed information regarding bill signings and vetoes, please see the Governor’s press release website.

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