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Gov. Jerry Brown Heads Into Signing Deadline Weekend

Remaining Bills Include Several League Priority Measures

October 11, 2013
Gov. Jerry Brown has two days to act upon the remaining 69 measures on his desk before the Oct. 13 signing deadline.
Of those pending measures, four League-opposed and four League-supported bills remain. As of Oct. 11, the Governor has yet to act on League priority oppose measure SB 7 (Steinberg). For more on SB 7, visit the League’s Hot Issues website.          
The Governor took action on five League priority measures during the latter half of the week. In accordance with League recommendations, Gov. Brown signed AB 639 authored by Assembly Speaker John A. Pérez, D-Los Angeles, which establishes the Veterans Housing and Homeless Prevention Act in an effort to assist veterans seeking multifamily housing. Upon signing, the Governor stated the reformed housing program of AB 639 “will make life better for veterans for years to come.”  
League-Supported Measures That Were Signed
AB 639 (John A. Pérez): Veterans Housing and Homeless Prevention Act.
Status: Signed, Oct. 10
League Position: Support
This important measure ensures veterans receive appropriate assistance for much-needed benefits and housing. AB 639 expands the use of voter approved Proposition 12 (2008) to help veterans purchase single family homes, farms and mobilehomes.
AB 1042 (Hall): Indian Gaming Special Distribution Fund.
Status: Signed, Oct. 11
League Position: Support
AB 1042 provides for a statewide appropriation of $13 million in Indian Gaming Special Distribution Fund (SDF) monies this year. These local mitigation funds are important to many local communities throughout the state, as they provide grants to local jurisdictions for such critically needed purposes as police, fire and transportation needs. 
League-Opposed Measure That Were Vetoed
AB 729 (Hernández): Evidentiary Privileges.
Status: Vetoed, Oct. 11
League Position: Oppose
This bill would have established a union agent-represented worker communication privilege between two city employees. As employers, cities must judiciously investigate workplace disputes such as, harassment, discrimination, or other unlawful conduct. Provisions of AB 729 would have hindered the ability to investigate matters fully including interviewing all parties involved. AB 729 would have provided an opportunity for employees of a city to put a roadblock in front of necessary investigations into misconduct.
League-Opposed Bills That Were Signed
AB 218 (Dickinson): Prohibit Criminal History Inquires on Employment Applications
Status: Signed, Oct. 10
League Position: Oppose Unless Amended
SB 218 provisions prohibit cities from inquiring into or considering criminal history on initial employment applications and when screening an applicant for employment. However, the bill does allow cities to inquire into criminal history on the initial application if the position requires a criminal background check by state law or the position is within a criminal justice agency.
The League opposed a similar bill last year authored by Assembly Member Roger Dickinson, D-Sacramento. When reintroduced this year, the bill included several League requested amendments. However, the League’s concerns were not fully addressed and after discussions with the author and his staff the League remained opposed to the bill unless additional amendments were taken. When before the Senate for a vote, the bill failed passage on a 20-16 vote. However, upon reconsideration it passed on a 21-16 vote and was sent to the Governor.  
AB 562 (Williams): Onerous Local Agency Reporting Mandates
Status: Signed, Oct. 11
League Position: Oppose, HOT BILL
AB 562 requires agencies to maintain, track and publicize economic development expenditures or revenue losses of more than $100,000.
Urgent Action Still Needed
The League urges city officials and stakeholders to act on the following priority measures in these final days. To have your voice heard follow the bill hot link and tailor the position sample to your city or organization.
League-Supported Measures (Action Pending) 
AB 532 (Gordon): Local Housing Trust Fund.

AB 564 (Mullin): Community redevelopment: successor agencies.

AB 986 (Bradford): Postrelease community supervision: flash incarceration: city jails.

HOT BILL AB 1229 (Atkins): Land use: zoning regulations.

League Opposed-Measures (Action Pending)
HOT BILL AB 537 (Bonta): Meyers-Milias-Brown Act: impasse procedures.

HOT BILL AB 1373 (John A. Pérez): Workers’ compensation: firefighters and peace officers.

HOT BILL SB 7 (Steinberg): Public works: charter cities.

HOT BILL SB 313 (De León): Public Safety Officers Procedural Bills of Rights Act.
Status Update
Below is a breakdown on how many bills have been signed or vetoed this year:
For detailed information regarding bill signings and vetoes, please see the Governor’s press release website.

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