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Gov. Brown Signs League-Sponsored Redevelopment Signage Measure & Other League-Supported Bills

Governor's Decision Contrary to League Recommendation on Two Other Measures

October 4, 2013
Several League priority measures remain pending before Gov. Jerry Brown as the Oct. 13 inches closer.
The Governor signed five League-supported measures including League-sponsored bill SB 684 (Hill). Contrary to League recommendations, Gov. Brown vetoed one supported measure, AB 841 (Torres), and signed League-opposed AB 792 (Mullin).  
League-Sponsored Measure Signed
The state’s dissolution of local redevelopment agencies (RDA) has resulted in a number of new challenges for local governments. League-sponsored SB 684 (Hill) was designed to aid cities by addressing one such issue relating to existing RDA area signage. SB 684 clarifies that existing advertising displays in redevelopment areas can continue to exist. The bill was signed by Gov. Brown today, Oct. 4, during a signing ceremony highlighting bills that benefit California businesses and economic growth.
Prior to the elimination of redevelopment agencies, advertising displays were exempted from the Outdoor Advertising Act and considered to be ‘on-premise’ anywhere within the limits of the redevelopment area. Any extension was contingent upon approval of the redevelopment agency and CalTrans. The elimination of redevelopment made approval of the extension for these signs impossible since there is no redevelopment agency to consent. 
While making its way through the legislative process SB 684 encountered several challenges. The League would like to thank the bill’s author, Senator Jerry Hill for carrying the measure. Special thanks also go both to representatives of the City of Inglewood for testifying on behalf of the measure and joining the League’s legislative representative during meetings with the Governor’s office; and all city officials who took the time to write letters in support of SB 684.
Other Recent Bill Signings
Brief descriptions and status updates of League priority bills acted upon this week are provided below. 
League-Supported Measures That Were Signed
AB 513 (Frazier): Tire Recycling Program 
Status: Signed, Oct. 3
League Position: Support
AB 513 (Frazier) directs CalRecycle to expand its Rubberized Asphalt Concrete (RAC) grant program. This program would offer cities, counties, and state and local government agencies increased funding for road paving projects that use waste tires and would also include additional funding for regional park districts for disability access and bikeways.
AB 748 (Eggman): Lower Interest Rates on Judgments Against Public Agencies
Status: Signed, Sept. 30
League Position: Support
AB 748 (Eggman) lowers the interest rate that is charged to state and local governments for tax or fee claims against a public entity that results in a judgment against the public entity. The bill provides that interest must accrue on tax or fee claims against public entities at a rate equaling the weekly average 1-year constant maturity U.S. Treasury yield, but shall not exceed 7 percent per annum. For post-interest judgments the bill provides that the interest rate would be the U.S. Treasury yield plus 2-percent, and cannot exceed 7 percent per annum.
SB 31 (Padilla): Outdoor Arena Advertising
Status: Signed, Oct. 4
League Position: Support
SB 31 (Padilla) makes changes to advertising displays for arenas, provided certain conditions are met. The bill preserves local control by giving jurisdictions the ability to adopt ordinances with regards to regulation, limitation, or the prohibition of the advertising based upon the individual circumstances of the community.
SB 211 (Hernandez): Tax Information Disclosure
Status: Signed, Oct. 3
League Position: Support
SB 211 (Hernandez) eliminates the sunset on a provision of law authorizing reciprocal agreements between cities and the Franchise Tax Board, allowing the disclosure of limited confidential tax information for the specific purpose of enhancing local and state tax enforcement activities.  As an added benefit, the bill helps maximize local tax revenues by more systematic enforcement of city business tax law.
League-Supported Measures That Were Vetoed  
AB 841 (Torres): Nonferrous Material Recycling Payment Method
Status: Vetoed, Oct. 3
League Position: Support
AB 841 (Torres) was thoughtful legislation to further discourage the growing problem of metal theft in California. The bill would have required payments for certain categories of non-ferrous metal material recycling (copper, stainless steel, or aluminum) be made by check only. It would have also prohibited junk dealers and recyclers, who typically deal in this material, from making payments in cash for any single transaction exceeding $20.00 in value. 
In his veto message, Gov. Brown cited a lack of “robust enforcement of our laws” as reasoning behind the veto.
League-Opposed Measures That Were Signed  
AB 792 (Mullin): Utility User Tax Exemptions  
Status: Signed, Oct. 4
League Position: Oppose
AB 792 (Mullin) exempts from a municipal utility users tax (UUT) the consumption of electricity generated by a clean energy resource, including solar and fuel cells, for a single customer or its tenants. This measure has a sunset date in 2020.
Urgent Action Needed
With only a little over a week left until the bill signing deadline, the League urges city officials and stakeholders to act on the following priority measures in these final days. To have your voice heard follow the bill hot link and tailor the position sample to your city or organization.
League-Supported Measures (Action Pending) 
HOT BILL AB 440 (Gatto): Hazardous materials: releases: local agency cleanup.

AB 532 (Gordon): Local Housing Trust Fund.

AB 564 (Mullin): Community redevelopment: successor agencies.

AB 576 (V. Manuel Pérez): Revenue Recovery and Collaborative Enforcement Team Act: pilot program.

AB 683 (Mullin): Local government: fines and penalties: assessments.

AB 719 (Hernandez): Energy: energy efficiency: street light pole.

AB 986 (Bradford): Postrelease community supervision: flash incarceration: city jails.

AB 1042 (Hall): Indian Gaming Special Distribution Fund.

AB 1090 (Fong): Public officers: conflicts of interest: contracts.

HOT BILL AB 1229 (Atkins): Land use: zoning regulations.

AB 1253 (Blumenfield): Vehicles: mobile advertising displays.

HOT BILL SB 470 (Wright): Community development: economic opportunity.

League Opposed-Measures (Action Pending)
AB 218 (Dickinson): Employment applications: criminal history.
HOT BILL AB 537 (Bonta): Meyers-Milias-Brown Act: impasse procedures.
HOT BILL AB 562 (Williams): Economic development subsidies: review by local agencies.

AB 691 (Muratsuchi): State lands: granted trust lands: sea level rise.
AB 1235 (Gordon): Local agencies: financial management training.

HOT BILL AB 1373 (John A. Pérez): Workers’ compensation: firefighters and peace officers.

HOT BILL SB 7 (Steinberg): Public works: charter cities.

HOT BILL SB 313 (De León): Public Safety Officers Procedural Bills of Rights Act.
Status Update
Below is a breakdown on how many bills have been signed or vetoed this year:
For detailed information regarding bill signings and vetoes, please see the Governor’s press release website.

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