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Transportation Funding Ballot Measure Submitted to Attorney General

November 20, 2013
Transportation California and the California Alliance for Jobs on Nov. 18 submitted a title and summary request for a transportation funding ballot measure, the California Road Repair Act, to the Attorney General. 
The ballot measure would increase the vehicle license fee by 1 percent over four years. After the incremental increases are complete, the measure would increase transportation funding by an estimated $2.9 billion annually.

The measure's proponents have indicated that the submission is a preliminary step toward a ballot measure. Only after they receive the title and summary and political survey research is complete will they make a final decision on whether they pursue a measure in 2014.
The California Road Repair Act focuses on the “fix it first” and “pay as you go” principles, dedicating all funding from the increase to road, bridge, and transit system maintenance. Cities and counties would each receive 25 percent of the funding and transit would receive 10 percent, with the remaining 40 percent going to the state and highway system. The funds would receive constitutional protection from being loaned or reallocated for other purposes. Audit and reporting requirements are also included. 
In the past the League has partnered with the measure’s sponsors on multiple proposals to protect and expand transportation funding, including the successful Proposition 22 (2010).  Most recently, the organizations have formed a coalition to ensure that a portion of Cap-and-Trade auction revenues be dedicated to transportation. 
Currently the League does not have a position on the ballot measure given its policy of reviewing, analyzing and presenting ballot measures to appropriate policy committees and the board of directors only after they have qualified for the ballot. The League will be closely monitor the movement of this new ballot proposal and provide information to members as it becomes available.

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