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City Spotlight: San José Opens Renewable Energy Facility

November 22, 2013
The City of San José announced this week the opening of the world’s largest dry fermentation anaerobic digestion facility. The facility officially opens today, Friday Nov. 22, and is the first facility of its kind in the entire country. 
The city partnered with the Zero Waste Energy Development Company (ZWEDC), CalRecycle and Zero Waster Energy to develop and design the facility. According to the city, the new facility “will process organic waste from San José businesses and convert the waste to renewable energy and compost.” This innovative approach will divert an estimated 85 percent of waste from landfills while generating 1.6 MW of renewable energy. In addition, the new facility will help the city achieve its Green Vision Goal and conforms to state mandates under landmark greenhouse reduction law AB 32 and Renewable Portfolio Standards.
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