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City Assistance Requested to Ensure Compliance of Human Trafficking Public Notice Law Request

November 15, 2013
Senate President Pro Tem Darrell Steinberg (D-Sacramento) recently sent a letter to League of California Cities President José Cisneros requesting city help in ensuring public and private entities post notices pursuant to existing human trafficking law SB 1193 (Steinberg).
The letter expressed his understanding of how cities can play an important role of increasing awareness of this alarming issue and existing law compliance.
Signed by Gov. Jerry Brown in the 2011–2012 legislative session, SB 1193 addresses the disturbing upward trend of human trafficking in California. According to estimates, this is a $32 billion annual international industry affecting some 161 countries. California is one of the top destinations in the U.S. for human traffickers and victims given its diverse population and extensive boundaries. Sen. Pro Tem Steinberg and the bill’s co-sponsors crafted the legislation to increase public awareness and provide easier access to vital assistance information to victims often too fearful to come forward.
Key requirements of the bill include: 
  • Businesses and other establishments “often connected with human trafficking” must comply with the law. These include:
    • Bus stations, truck stops and roadside rest areas;
    • Emergency rooms and urgent care centers;
    • Adult and sexually oriented businesses (as defined in Penal Code Section 318.5);
    • Bars and certain restaurants;
    • Private job recruitment centers; and
    • Massage businesses.
  • Notices must be posted in a conspicuous place in clear view of public and employees.
  • Notices must be posted in English, Spanish and other languages widely spoken in given county;
  • Notices must include information listed on model notice available on the Attorney General’s website.
  • Authorizes the Attorney General and local prosecutorial agencies to bring civil action against and penalize non-complying entities $500 for first offense and $1000 for each subsequent offense.
For more information on SB 1193 requirements, please see the Attorney General’s summary of public notice requirements.

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