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All Eyes on Central Valley SD 16 Run-Off Election

Candidates Squaring Off are in the Midst of an Expensive Special Election to Determine the Fate of a Democratic Senate Supermajority

July 23, 2013
The Senate District (SD) 16 run-off election is one of two special elections scheduled today.
As reported earlier in “Quickly Approaching Central Valley Special Election May Define Senate Supermajority,” CA Cities Advocate, July 17, 2013, the SD 16 special election is one of major significance to the current make-up of the California State Senate. The two candidates, Republican Andy Vidak and Democrat Leticia Perez, have been campaigning hard the last couple of weeks as tensions have mounted due to increased media attention and fundraising efforts.
The major point of interest here is that a win by Vidak could potentially upset the delicate Democratic Senate supermajority in 2014. Currently, Senate Democrats hold the minimum number of votes required for a supermajority – 27 votes. Though a Vidak win this year wouldn’t immediately challenge the Democratic supermajority, it is anticipated that new 2014 Senate District election boundaries could shake up certain Democratic strongholds enough to lose the supermajority. This potential change has resulted in Democrats and Republicans pouring money into their respective candidate coffers in hopes of securing this once overlooked, but now all-important seat.   
For more information on the SD 16 run-off, please visit the Secretary of State’s website.

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