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League Supports Two Constitutional Amendments to Increase Legislative Transparency

February 27, 2013

On Tuesday, the League took support positions on two constitutional amendments, SCA 10 (Wolk) and ACA 4 (Olsen) that would improve legislative transparency by requiring all bills to be in print and available on the Internet for at least 72 hours prior to a vote on its final passage in either house.


These identical measures, introduced with bi-partisan coauthors, would augment existing constitutional transparency requirements on the Legislature by providing sunshine to a legislative process that can suffer from a lack of transparency, often around the adoption of state budget or the end of session. 

The League’s support is based upon a past League Annual Conference Resolution. City officials, concerned with the process experienced with SB 89 of 2011, a fast-moving measure that swept city vehicle license fees, strongly supported a resolution at the 2011 League’s General Assembly “calling for improved transparency in and public access to the proceedings of the California Legislature.” 

As the Legislature considers potential measures to place on the ballot for the voters in 2014, a measure that would improve public confidence in the institution by offering additional transparency should be in the vanguard.  

City officials are encouraged to send a support letter on both of these measures. The League’s support letter, as well as a sample letter, is available on the League’s website by typing “SCA 10” or “ACA 4” into the search box.

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