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League Members Support Litigation Strategy

February 28, 2013

Cities are loyal to the League and supportive of its services.


In November the board of directors approved the 2013 League dues schedule with no increase. It is the same dues schedule that has been in effect since 2008. The board also asked members to pay an optional surcharge to support litigation the League is undertaking on behalf of all cities. More than 97 percent of cities maintain their membership in the League, even during these times of continuing financial stress.  Remarkably, more than half of them have paid the optional surcharge.

The board noted that the League has assumed the important and costly new role of defending and enforcing constitutional protections of city revenues secured through voter approval of Proposition 1A and Proposition 22. To partially offset the projected cost of two lawsuits in which the League is the lead plaintiff on behalf of all cities, the board approved a voluntary litigation surcharge equal to 10 percent of each city’s dues. If all cities likely to be League members also paid the surcharge, the League would receive about $600,000 toward the estimated $700,000 in legal fees.

Nearly 200 cities, more than half of the cities that have paid 2013 dues so far, have also contributed a total of $250,000 toward the voluntary litigation surcharge.

If a city has not yet paid its dues for 2013, now is the time to act. Please also consider contributing to the litigation activities; they will directly benefit your city.  If the city already paid dues but has not paid the surcharge, the League will still welcome your contribution toward litigation costs.  Any questions concerning this process or the charges may be directed to Dan Harrison at (916) 658-8267.


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