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City Managers Department Award Winners

February 8, 2013

Each year, the League of California Cities’ City Managers’ Department presents three prestigious awards honoring distinguished members of the department: the Wes McClure Award of Distinction, the John H. Nail Memorial Award and the Award for the Advance of Diverse Communities. This year the department is proud to announce the following winners.


John H. Nail Memorial Award: Jim Schutz, assistant city manager, San Rafael

The John H. Nail Memorial Award was created by the League’s City Managers’ Department during the 1978 Annual Spring Conference, in honor and memory of a highly regarded city manager and individual. The award is presented to an outstanding municipal assistant who has contributed significantly to his or her city government and to the advancement of the community as a whole.

Award for the Advance of Diverse Communities: Bryan Montgomery, city manager, Oakley

The Award for Advancement of Diverse Communities honors a city manager or assistant who has been most successful in promoting the advancement of diversity within the community and the workplace through the development and implementation of effective programs, policies and/or practices encouraging diversity. 

Wes McClure Award of Distinction: Connie Jackson, city manager, San Bruno

The Wes McClure Award of Distinction recognizes the values and principles deemed essential to city managers’ professional conduct. This award recognizes a city manager’s outstanding career service, leadership, ethics, expertise and innovation in the field of city management as observed by their colleagues. The award is given to recognize those who make a difference to the profession.

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