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The Hit List from WesternCity.com

April 5, 2013
Western City magazine has compiled its most popular stories into a “Hit List” showing the top five articles on WesternCity.com during the past month. 
This list reflects the topics of greatest interest to California city officials during the month of March.
The results are in, and these articles are “Hits!”
  1. Neglecting Annexation and Incorporation Will Not Serve the State’s Growth Goals” – March 2013
  2. The Power of Groupthink: The New Denial” – March 2012
  3. How the Second Amendment Right To Bear Arms Affects the Local Police Power to Regulate Firearms” – November 2010 
  4. The 'Front Page' Test: An Easy Ethics Standard” – February 2012
  5. The Rules on Lobbying: What Every Local Official Should Know” – January 2010Job opportunity pages are not counted in the Hit List, but Western City’s job board consistently ranks as our most popular resource each month.
 Did your clicks make the list? Check back next month for the latest “Hit List.”

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