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Redevelopment Dissolution Cleanup Bill, AB 1585, Passed in Assembly

Action Needed as Bill Heads to Senate

March 26, 2012
Yesterday, the Assembly passed AB 1585 (Pérez), a redevelopment cleanup bill that contains numerous policy and technical cleanups to AB 1x 26, with a 58-7 vote. The bill will now be sent to the Senate and will likely be heard after the Legislature returns from its Spring Recess. The Legislature will be in Spring Recess from March 30 until April 9. 

Take Action

A lot of focus has been given to the affordable housing provisions of AB 1585, but the bill also has many other benefits for cities, local businesses and labor groups. The League has compiled a two-page summary on AB 1585 that outlines other provisions of the bill which would ensure loan repayments to cities, preserve asset values, prevent "fire sales," ensure bond payments, and clarify the role and functions of successor agencies. City officials are encouraged to reach out to stakeholders and the media in their advocacy efforts. The broader the base of support for AB 1585, the better chances it has of being signed into law.

  • Tell your city's story. If your city will benefit from the loan repayment, asset retention, or bond debt service requirements of AB 1585, tell your city's story to the media. Let your local media while affordable housing funds are important there are many other issues at stake as well.
  • Engage stakeholders. Engage your Chamber of Commerce, labor groups, business community and any other organizations that would benefit from loan repayment, asset retention, or bond debt service provisions of AB 1585 - ask them to send a support letter and call their legislators.
In addition to these special advocacy efforts, city official are encouraged to engage in traditional efforts including:
  • Sending a letter of support. The League's sample letters are available on the League's website by typing "AB 1585" into the search box. The League has posted two letters, one with a public safety impacts focus.
  • Calling your Senator. City officials are urged to call their Senators are urges a YES vote on AB 1585. Legislator phone numbers can be searched online by ZIP code.
  • Scheduling an in-person meeting with your Senator. Legislators will be back in their districts for Spring Recess next week if you would like to schedule an in-person meeting to discuss the benefits of AB 1585 for your city.

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