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Governor Signs Two League-Supported Bills

July 13, 2012

This week, Gov. Jerry Brown signed two League-supported bills, SB 1351 (Rubio) and SB 1436 (Lowenthal).


While these made minor changes on paper, they will have important public safety impacts for our cities.

SB 1351 makes an important correction to the status of Community Correctional Facilities (CCF) custody officers as to ensure they have peace officer status while on duty. These custody officers had peace officer status prior to the 2011 Public Safety Realignment when housing state inmates through contracts with the state Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation. However, this was not carried forward in the new statutes regulating CCFs after Oct. 1, 2011. SB 1351 returns the peace officer status and the necessary authority to these officers. 

SB 1436 deletes the sunset date on “Good Samaritan” protections for voluntary providers of automated external defibrillators (AEDs) and training and maintenance requirements, which have been in place for over 10 years. Removing the sunset date creates more certainty related to requirements that voluntary AED providers must meet in order to be immune from civil liability, likely resulting in more AED installations and greater Good Samaritan access.

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