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This Month in Western City Magazine

January 6, 2012
Don't miss these stories from the January issue of Western City magazine.

"Resources for Leaders in Difficult Times" - In the month of January, we honor Martin Luther King Jr.'s life and leadership. One way of honoring King's memory is to reflect on the principles for which he stood. A key theme of many of King's observations is that true leadership involves making difficult and sometimes unpopular choices based on one's core principles. It can also involve serving a community where people are frustrated and angry with forces that are outside local officials' control or influence. This article offers a number of strategies that can make such work easier.

"California Civic Leadership InstituteSM Expands to Engage More Local Leaders" - Twenty-six local government elected officials from throughout the state graduated in 2011 from the California Civic Leadership InstituteSM (CCLI), an educational program sponsored by the League Partners and designed for local officials interested in running for the state Legislature. The League established this program in 2005 when it became apparent that term limits had produced a lack of institutional knowledge in the Legislature. Now in its eighth year, CCLI gives local leaders an in-depth understanding of the critical and complex issues affecting the state, including water, transportation, energy and housing. The program includes sessions that explore the tools needed to succeed in the Legislature. It also provides a forum where California's rising leaders can connect and form lasting bonds.

"League Board and Leaders Chart Strategic Path for 2012" - The Chinese philosopher Lao-tzu is widely credited with saying, "A journey of 1,000 miles begins with a single step." The League board of directors took a number of steps in the organization's 2012 journey when they met with leaders of the League's 16 divisions, 11 departments, eight policy committees and five diversity caucuses in San Diego for their annual strategic planning session in mid-November. This session produced the League's strategic priorities for 2012.

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