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Legislature Wraps up 2-Year Bills Today

More Than 2,000 New Bills Expected in Coming Weeks

January 31, 2012
oday was the deadline for each house to pass bills introduced in 2011 out of their house of origin. All two-year bills that did not pass out of their house of origin are now "dead."

SB 184 (Leno) was one of the bills that failed to meet today's deadline. SB 184 would have restored cities' zoning authority to require inclusionary housing. Despite League support for the legislation, the bill was several votes short from being able to pass off the Senator floor. Rather than risk recording a failing vote and limit the ability to pass a bill in the future, the author and the sponsors chose not to take up SB 184.

This past week also marked the deadline for bill ideas to be submitted to the Office of the Legislative Counsel for drafting. The Legislature has until Feb. 24 to introduce new bills for consideration in the remainder of the FY 2011-12 legislative session. While many of the bills that will be introduced in the next few weeks will be place holders, or "spot" bills, the League will carefully monitor all legislation for items of relevance to cities. The League plans to release its 2012 initial bills of interest list in early March, following the February introduction deadline.

League position and up to date bill tracking can be found on the League's website.

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