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Request for Signature Letters Needed on SB 214

Most Helpful Bill Addressing Infrastructure Issues

August 31, 2012

On Thursday, League-supported SB 214 (Wolk) was passed in the Senate with a 22 – 15  vote, sending it to Gov. Jerry Brown. SB 214 makes important changes to existing Infrastructure Financing District (IFD) law and will enable IFDs to become a more helpful financing tool for a wide variety of local infrastructure.


With little to no state or federal funding to address infrastructure needs, local governments are struggling to meet the needs of growing populations while supporting a prosperous economy. IFDs could accommodate a wide variety of essential infrastructure projects including roads, bridges, sewer and water systems, and other infrastructure improvements needed to expand and retain businesses and grow jobs.

While there are other bills this session addressing economic development and infrastructure issues, the League supports SB 214 because it is the most useful and flexible tool developed this year to upgrade local infrastructure and create jobs. 

An outline of how IFDs created under SB 214 would work has been posted on the League’s website.

City officials are encouraged to send request for signature letters to Gov. Jerry Brown immediately. A sample request for signature letter is available on the League’s website by typing “SB 214” into the search box.

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