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Bills in Committee: Aug. 6 – 10

Legislature Returns After Summer Recess

August 6, 2012

After its month-long summer recess, the Legislature returned to the Capitol today.


The Senate has scheduled its floor session for noon, while the Assembly will reconvene at 1 p.m. With only four weeks until the end of the session, city officials should monitor the movement of priority bills and watch for action alerts. Additionally, if last year’s end of session activity is any indication of what can be expected this year, city officials should also be on alert for “gut and amends” in the coming weeks. The League will report on any such actions as they occur.

The following list represents the bills also scheduled for hearing this week for which the League currently has a position.

Many legislative hearings are available for online video or audio monitoring via the Cal Channel, the Senate and the Assembly websites. A full listing of all Senate and Assembly hearings is also available online. Hearing times are subject to change.

Monday, Aug. 6

Senate Appropriations, State Capitol, Room 4203 at 9 a.m.:
AB 808 (Skinner) Workers’ Compensation: Hospital Employers: Presumption. League position: Oppose.
HOT BILL – AB 1551 (Torres) Insurance: Public Safety Employees: Accidents. League position: Oppose.
AB 1672 (Torres) Housing-Related Parks Program. League position: Support.
AB 1687 (Fong) Workers’ Compensation. League position: Oppose.
AB 2031 (Fuentes) Probation: Community Corrections Program. League position: Oppose.
HOT BILL – AB 2231 (Fuentes) Sidewalks: Repairs. League position: Oppose.

Joint Legislative Committee on Emergency Management, State Capitol, Room 444, upon adjournment of session: Emergency Interoperability: What's Next for California? Speakers: Karen Wong, CA Technology Agency; Barry Fraser, Bay Area Regional Interoperability Communications System Authority; Undersheriff Richard T. Lucia, Alameda County Sheriff's Office; Pat Mallon, Los Angeles Regional Interoperable Communications System.

Wednesday, Aug. 8

Assembly Appropriations, State Capitol, Room 4202 at 9 a.m.:
AB 2037 (Davis) Income Taxes: Hiring Credits: Investment Credits. League position: Support.
ACA 23 (Perea) Local Government Transportation Projects: Special Taxes: Voter Approval. League position: Support.
SB 186 (Kehoe) The Controller. League position: Neutral.
SB 234 (Hancock) Goods Movement Emission Reduction Program. League position: Support.
SB 954 (Liu) Controller: Offset Payments. League position: Support.
SB 965 (Wright) State Water Resources Control Board and California Regional Water Quality Control Boards: Ex Parte Communications. League position: Support.
HOT BILL – SB 1002 (Yee) Public Records: Electronic Format. League position: Oppose
SB 1067 (La Malfa) Peace Officers: Mutual Aid. League position: Support.
SB 1087 (Walters) Organized Camps. League position: Concerns.
SB 1090 (Committee on Governance and Finance) Local Government: Omnibus Bill. League position: Support.
SB 1207 (Fuller) California Alternative Rates for Energy Program. League position: Support.
SB 1219 (Wolk) Recycling: Plastic Bags. League position: Support.
HOT BILL – SB 1222 (Leno) Solar Energy: Permits. League position: Oppose.
SB 1278 (Wolk) Planning and Zoning: Flood Protection: Sacramento-San Joaquin Valley. League position: Support.
SB 1387 (Emmerson) Metal Theft. League position: Support.
SB 1468 (Calderon) Fireworks. League position: Oppose.

Thursday, Aug. 9

Assembly Public Safety, State Capitol, Room 3162, upon adjournment of session:
SB 1162 (Runner) Animal Control: Tranquilizers. League position: Support.

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