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Three League Hot Bills Pass Out of Committees This Week

Opposition Letters Needed

April 19, 2012

Several of the League's "hot bills," AB 2231 (Fuentes), AB 2312 (Ammiano), and AB 1551 (Torres) passed out of committees this week. All of these bills are opposed by the League.


Hot bills are those that League lobbyists are requesting urgent assistance from cities. All League position and sample letters can be accessed on the League's website by typing the bill number into the search box.

AB 2231

AB 2231 (Fuentes), a bill that would shift responsibility and liability for sidewalk repair issues to cities and counties, was passed out of Assembly Local Government on Wednesday. This bill would require a city or county to repair any sidewalk that is damaged as a result of trees, and prohibits the local entity from imposing a fee on the property owner for the repair. The bill also shifts liability for trip and fall claims to the city.

AB 2231 now heads to the Assembly Judiciary Committee and is expected to be heard on Tuesday, April 24. If the bill is approved by the Assembly Judiciary Committee, it will be referred to the Assembly Appropriations Committee. City officials should send opposition letters immediately.

AB 2312

AB 2312 (Ammiano), a bill related to medical marijuana regulation, passed out of the Assembly Public Safety Committee on Tuesday on a party-line vote. The League testified in opposition based on preemption of local ordinances and urged the committee to hold the bill until the California Supreme Court delivers its opinion on three critical cases related to local regulation of dispensaries, including the upholding of bans.

Assembly Member Tom Ammiano (D-San Francisco), who is also the chair of the committee, stated he was willing to revisit the provisions related to local regulation but stated his paramount goal was to provide access for qualified patients, pursuant to the will of voters who passed the Compassionate Use Act nearly 15 years ago.

AB 2312 now heads to Assembly Appropriations. Although the bill has not yet been set for hearing, city officials with members on the Assembly Appropriations Committee are encouraged to send opposition letters as soon as possible.

AB 1551

AB 1551 (Torres) was passed out of the Assembly Insurance Committee Wednesday. This bill would exempt certain public safety officers from a requirement to report accidents that occur in a personal vehicle to a personal insurance provider and instead report those accidents to the employer. This bill unnecessarily shifts the liability for automobile accidents from the employee to the employer.

This bill now heads to the Assembly Appropriations Committee where it will be reviewed for fiscal impacts to the state. It will likely be heard in the next few weeks. City officials should send opposition letters immediately.

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