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Bills in Committee: April 16 - 20

April 16, 2012

Last week the League published its major bills list that indicated which bills the League is tracking that have significant impacts to local government.


 This week the League will be tracking a number of those bills, including several "hot bills." The below list represents the bills scheduled for hearing this week for which the League currently has a position.

Hot bills are bills that League lobbyists are requesting urgent assistance from cities. City officials are encouraged to send position letters on the below hot bills immediately. All sample letters can be found on the League's website by typing the bill number into the search box.

Many legislative hearings are available online for video or audio monitoring online. A full listing of all Senate and Assembly hearings is available online. Hearing times are subject to change.

Tuesday, April 17

Assembly Business, Professions and Consumer Protection, State Capitol, Room 447 at 9 a.m.:

  • AB 1627 (Dickinson) Energy: Vehicle Miles Traveled. League position: Oppose . HOT BILL

Assembly Public Safety, State Capitol, Room 126 at 9 a.m.:

  • AB 2312 (Ammiano) Controlled Substances. League position: Oppose. HOT BILL

Senate Judiciary, State Capitol, Room 112 at 1:30 p.m.:

  • SB 1002 (Yee) Public Records: Electronic Format. League position: Oppose Unless Amended.
  • SB 1330 (Simitian) Vehicles: License Plate Recognition Technology: Personal Information.League position: Concerns.

Wednesday, April 18

Assembly Appropriations, State Capitol, Room 4202 at 9 a.m.:

  • AB 2387 (Smyth) Occupational Safety and Health: Local Public Entities: Penalty Moneys: Grants. League position: Support.

Assembly Insurance, State Capitol, Room 437 at 9 a.m.:

  • AB 1551 (Torres) Insurance: Public Safety Employees: Accidents. League position: Oppose. HOT BILL
  • AB 1687 (Fong) Workers' Compensation: Utilization Review. League position: Oppose.

Senate Governance and Finance, State Capitol, Room 112 at 9:30 a.m.:

  • SB 986 (Dutton) Redevelopment: Bond Proceeds. League position: Support.
  • SB 1003 (Yee) Local Governments: Open Meetings. League position: Oppose.
  • SB 1336 (Yee) Improper Governmental Activities: Investigations: Confidentiality. League position: Oppose.

Assembly Local Government, State Capitol, Room 127 at 1:30 p.m.:

  • AB 2231 (Fuentes) Sidewalks: Repairs. League position: Oppose. HOT BILL

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