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White House Requests City Leaders to Engage and Lead on Need for Jobs Act

November 1, 2011

The day after League President Mike Kasperzak and Executive Director Chris McKenzie traveled to Washington, D.C., along with other California city officials, for a White House briefing on the importance of passing the President’s proposed Rebuild America Jobs Act, the participants received a communication from the Office of Intergovernmental Affairs at the White House, explaining how city officials could assist with the passage of the components of the measure that are initially being considered over a period of weeks in the U.S. Senate.


A copy of this communication has been posted on the League’s website.


The National League of Cities (NLC) reports that later this week, the Senate also will take up a portion of the President’s American Jobs Act focused on transportation programs. The $60 billion spending package, which NLC supports, would include $50 billion for road, rail and airport transportation projects and an additional $10 billion for an infrastructure bank. Details on these programs are provided in the letter from the Office of Intergovernmental Affairs, which contains links to materials in the briefing packets.  

The League board of directors will review the President’s proposed legislation and consider adopting a position at its upcoming meeting.  

In addition, the League wishes to make available the PowerPoint from a dynamic presentation by Aneesh Chopra, assistant to the President and U.S. chief technology officer. The presentation, “Winning the Future Through Open Innovation,” focuses on how technology can help the U.S. economy grow and prosper.

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