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This Month in Western City Magazine

December 9, 2011

A preview of stories from this month in Western City magazine.


Moving Toward 'We’” – Local elected officials must comply with numerous ethics rules and regulations; sometimes this makes it hard to see the forest for the trees. And the emphasis on the individual “I”, which is the focus of most ethics training, can distract us from our ethical obligations as a group — the council — to our community and the public.

How 'Penny for Your Thoughts’ Helped Concord’s City Council Connect With the Community and Set Priorities”  – When essential services were on the chopping block, Concord devised a new way for residents to weigh in on tough choices. The discussions resulted in the city putting a half-cent sales tax on the ballot, which passed.

Civil Gang Injunctions: What Can They Do for Your City?”  – Gang injunctions provide critical advantages to police departments trying to disrupt gang activity, as well as to the residents living in areas afflicted by gangs. This article discusses the legal elements of civil gang injunctions and highlights the real-world experiences of two communities where this technique has been employed.


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