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New Name for Cities and Prisons Alliance Association Reflects Broader Impact of Realignment

December 16, 2011

The Association of California Cities Allied with Public Safety (ACCAPS) is a non-profit organization which was established in 1988 by a core group of cities in California that had State prisons, community correctional facilities, or medical/mental health correctional institutions within their municipal jurisdiction.



In July 2011 the Association voted unanimously to change their name from the “Association of California Cities Allied with Prisons (ACCAP)” to “Association of California Cities Allied with Public Safety (ACCAPS)” to more broadly reflect emerging issues being experienced by cities with prisons as the new Public Safety Realignment Program began to take shape and have both direct and indirect impacts to ACCAPS members and their surrounding communities.

The League of California Cities supports the ACCAPS mission and purpose. The numerous statutory and policy changes occurring in California’s prison system, local law enforcement agencies and local governments, further underscores the importance for ACCAPS to reach out and begin working with other entities on issues of mutual importance, including:

  • Closure of both public and private community correctional facilities (CCFs)
  • Authorizing city-only CCFs to contract with counties and sheriffs for overflow of inmate beds
  • Purchase of private CCFs by other municipalities
  • Closure of juvenile justice institutions and transfer of wards to counties
  • Expansion of existing prisons with mitigating impacts to host cities
  •  Changing adult correctional institutions for use for juvenile justice institutions
  • Newly increased role of local law enforcement in post-release supervision of state inmates and county probation

The organization was originally formed so that issues unique to cities with prisons could have a forum to discuss concerns stemming from public safety effects and mitigation and environment impacts being experienced by host communities. All local officials are invited to attend the Winter Conference on Jan.17 in Sacramento, being held in conjunction with the League of California Cities New Mayors and Council Members Academy.

Registration information is available on the League’s website.

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