Water Task Force

The Water Task Force was established by the League's board of directors in 2008. The Task Force's mission is to examine the League's 1988 Water Policy Guidelines to determine whether changes are needed to more effectively guide the League's response to water policy proposals today.

The Task Force met on April 16, 2009 in Sacramento (see Meeting Highlights, below). Members organized themselves into three working groups to examine the Water Guidelines in light of issues relating to Water Supply, Water Discharges and Water Quality. During May, 2009, members of the working groups reviewed the Guidelines relating to their issue areas, and participated in online or conference call discussions regarding proposed changes to the Guidelines.

Task Force recommendations will ultimately be forwarded to appropriate League Policy Committees for consideration, prior to their submittal to the League board of directors.

Membership on the Task Force is open to any interested city official. For further information, please contact Jason Rhine at (916) 658-8264.

Water Task Force Working Documents

  • List of Working Group Members
  • Water Task Force Schedule
  • Highlights From April 16, 2009 Meeting
  • League: Key Water Policy Changes1988-2008
  • League's 2003 Water Regulatory Quality Task Force
  • League's Existing Environmental Quality Policy
  • Additional Water Task Force Documents (Samples of Water Ordinances)

Additional Resources for the Water Quality Task Force

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