SB 594

No on SB 594 (Hill)

Cynical Gut-and-Amend Would Silence Sheriffs, Police Chiefs, School Boards, Cities, Counties, Community Colleges and Other Local Governments by Shutting Them out of the Political Process

The Issue


Senate Bill 594 (Hill) was recently amended with just weeks left in the legislative session (gut-and-amend) and now contains broad language that vastly limits the ability of any nonprofit organization that receives any public funding from a local government from participating in state and local ballot campaigns. Here’s why a broad coalition has joined forces to oppose SB 594:

  • SB 594 silences the voice of trusted organizations and would create an unequal playing field on important public policy issues.
  • SB 594 is an egregious last-minute power play.
  • SB 594 is a solution in search of a problem. Public funds cannot and are not used in political campaigns.
  • SB 594 creates vast new responsibilities for the Attorney General to audit thousands of nonprofit organizations — greatly increasing costs for the Attorney General and nonprofits.


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