Cities for Workforce Health Launches Series of Educational Webinars

April 10, 2013
The League of California Cites’ League Partner program is launching a series of educational webinars as part of its Cities for Workforce Health program. The series of five monthly webinars will focus on subjects related to implementing workforce wellness including leadership engagement, program assessment and evaluation, program design, policy and environment changes and employee engagement.
The Cities for Workforce Wellness program seeks to provide low and no cost assistance to cities that are looking to create and foster employee wellness programs.  Cities across the state have begun to engage in the program through the tier 1 introductory webinar and have been completing the criteria necessary to move into the next stage of the program.   Cities that participate in Tier 2 will be eligible to apply for $5,000 in program support grants as a part of Tier 3 (due to launch in the fall of 2013).

Cities that have met the requirements set forth in tier 1 can register for tier 2 here:
By registering for tier 2 you will automatically receive registration information for each of the five monthly educational webinars that make up the tier 2 programming.  The first of these webinars will take place on Friday, April 26 from 2:30-3:30pm.

Title: Securing Leadership Support for Workforce Health
- Learn how to make the business case for workforce health.
- Understand what leadership support and engagement looks like.
- Understand the importance of building a culture of health at the worksite and how to become involved in the HEAL Cities Campaign.

Tom Carter, VP HealthWorks Consulting and Customer Support, Kaiser Permanente
Charlotte Dickson, MSW, Director, HEAL Cities Campaign, CA Center for Public Health Advocacy (CCPHA)
For more information about the program and to find out how to get your city involved visit the Cities for Workforce Health webpage or contact Mike Egan at (916) 658-8271 or

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