Are You Transparent? We Want To Hear From You!

March 25, 2013
The Government Transparency and Civic Engagement Subcommittee of the City Managers Department is developing a resource guide for the profession that will include case studies and best practices. We know that there are cities that are already doing a great job with respect to how information is provided to citizens through various formats and programs, and we want to hear from you!
This is of particular importance because the Legislature may be ready to introduce legislation that will impose transparency standards on cities. We want to collect your stories and best practices to help   educate the Legislature and to show them that cities are already doing a wide variety of things to provide the highest level of transparency to the public.
We’re looking for you to provide an example of a best practice, policy or program used in your city that exemplifies "leadership by example" for government transparency and/or civic engagement.  Examples may be simple or complex, but in either case should be written to be instructive so others can learn by practice and experience.  We are looking for both best practices that can easily be replicated and best practices that evolved out of a rapidly changing set of circumstances to illustrate the ability to adjust the practice to address the circumstances.
We recommend that the narrative be no longer than 1,000 words, and be formatted to respond to the following:
  • Describe the purpose of the policy or program to be featured.
  • Describe the context and/or problem that arose that inspired development or use of this policy or program solution.
  • Describe a specific instance when this policy or program was applied in practice and describe how it was both executed and received within the community.
  • If there were any instructive stumbles along the way, describe those and the lessons learned or changes made to resolve or assure better success next time. 
Feel free to include links to these policies or programs online, and you can also scan attachments, handouts, flyers, etc. and submit with your narrative as a pdf file. 

Please submit your narratives by April 12, 2013 to Meghan McKelvey via email or U.S. Mail at:

League of California Cities
ATTN: Meghan McKelvey
1400 K Street, 4th Floor
Sacramento, CA 95814

We are counting on you to help us create an excellent resource guide that will not only serve us all, but more importantly will demonstrate our dedication to an engaged, open, and transparent local government.  Let’s educate our legislative representatives in Sacramento on what local government is doing today to enhance transparency to our communities before we are given a legislative mandate to be more open and transparent.
Thank you for your assistance!
--Troy Butzlaff, Chair
--Kathy Millison
--Karen Pinkos

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