Aug. 22, 2012
Issue #90

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Amended Bill Expanding Public Safety Death Benefits Still Imposes New Costs on Public Employers

League Urges Cities to Send Opposition Letters to Senators on AB 2451

Amendments taken to AB 2451 (Pérez) on Monday do not adequately address concerns over the new costs this bill would impose on public employers at a time when public agencies can least afford them. Consequently, the League remains opposed. AB 2451 is on third Senate reading and may be heard this week.

Key words: Action Item, Employee Relations, Public Safety, Revenue and Taxation


League Removes Opposition on Bill Amending Public Records Act

Amendments Require State CIO to Conduct Feasibility Study of New Electronic Records Format

The League has removed its opposition and taken a neutral position on SB 1002 (Yee) after it was amended on Monday, Aug. 20. The bill would now require the state Chief Information Officer (CIO) to conduct a study to determine the feasibility of providing electronic records in an open format. The League is committed to working with the Legislature and the state CIO to discuss what types of records are appropriate to be provided in an open format, develop a definition of open format, and determine whether a statutory change in this area is even necessary.

Key words: Administrative Services, Open Government, Technology


Reminder for Cities: Frontline Police Grants Still Pending, Subject to Trigger Cuts

Cities wondering about the status of the frontline city police department grants totaling $20 million in Gov. Jerry Brown’s final FY 2012-13 Budget will not have an answer until later in the year when the fate of the Governor’s temporary tax increase ballot measure is determined by California’s voters. The grants are included in the list of trigger cuts that will go into effect should the Governor’s tax measure fail passage

Key words: Revenue and Taxation, State Budget, Municipal Finance, Grants and Funding, Public Safety

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