Aug. 14, 2012
Issue #86

Editor's Note

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League-Opposed AB 2451 Seeks to Expand Public Safety Death Benefits

Despite discussions with the author’s staff and sponsors over the last several months, the League remains opposed to AB 2451 (Pérez) because it would dramatically increase workers’ compensation costs for local governments by removing the four-and-a-half year statute of limitations for presumptive death benefit claims for firefighters and peace officers.

Key words: Action Item, Public Safety, Employee Relations, Revenue and Taxation


Letters Needed for League-Supported AB 2037

Bill Would Create New Local Economic Development Option

Given the state’s budget problems it may be difficult to envision how a state tax credit bill might be enacted this year. Yet, AB 2037 has secured bi-partisan support and seems to still have a chance of moving this year because it proposes to reallocate some unused tax credits for another purpose. Because such a program could provide additional resources for community revitalization efforts, city officials are encouraged to send support letters for AB 2037. 

Key words: Action Item, Employee Relations, Revenue and Taxation

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