Sept. 19, 2014

Issue #85

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Register Today for the League’s November Legislative Briefing Webinar

Join the League’s team of Legislative Representatives on Wednesday, Nov .12 from 2:00–3:30 p.m. for a webinar updating members on policy developments from the 2013-14 legislative session. This year’s event will focus on issues such as economic development, post-redevelopment solutions, local massage industry regulation, distribution of Cap-and-Trade auction revenues, the proposed water bond ballot measure, pension reform and other policy areas of importance to local government.

Meetings and Events, Legislation

Help Set League Policy — Join a League Policy Committee!

The League's eight policy committees are composed of city officials from around the state. Policy committees help develop League policy by reviewing legislation and participating in policy deliberations, suggesting broad new policy guidelines and studying key issues impacting cities.

League Policy

Session Sneak Peek — League of California Cities Municipal Finance Institute

Registration is open for the League of California Cities Municipal Finance Institute, Dec. 3-4 in Monterey.

Fiscal Officers, Meetings and Events

Get a Kick in the Attitude at the 2014 City Clerks New Law & Elections Seminar

This year’s City Clerks New Law & Elections Seminar, scheduled for Dec. 3-5 in Monterey, features keynote speaker, Sam Glenn, the “Attitude Guy.” Get ready to have your attitude re-charged to positive! 

City Clerks, Meetings and Events

California City Solutions: Concord’s Police Service Volunteers Renew Crime Analysis Tools, Improve Public Safety

This story is part of an ongoing series featuring Helen Putnam Award entries. The 2014 entries will be added soon on the League’s website as a resource for cities in a searchable database called California City Solutions. Concord’s Operation Wheel-Lock was submitted in 2014 for the Public Safety award category.

Helen Putnam, CA City Solutions, Public Safety
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