June 13, 2014

Issue #48

Editor's Note

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CSCDC Announces New Markets Tax Credit Allocation

League Members Can Assist by Identifying Eligible Projects

The California Statewide Communities Development Corporation (CSCDC) has been awarded $38 million in New Markets Tax Credit (NMTC) allocation from the U.S. Treasury Department. This was a very competitive process and the League is delighted to share the announcement of this rare federal resource to members. 

Financial Solutions for Cities, Revenue and Taxation

Baldwin Park Recognized for Providing Healthy Community Choices and Adopting Initiatives

The incidence of childhood obesity has become a nationwide epidemic prompting responses from cities, community based organizations, school districts and even the First Lady Michelle Obama. Baldwin Park has spent more than a decade building programs like People on the Move (POTM) and Healthy Baldwin Park to address barriers to healthy choices for its residents. Through much dedication, the city has emerged as a leader, creating new healthy opportunities for its residents, collaborating with several partners and adopting various initiatives engaging the community and its youth.

Helen Putnam, CA City Solutions
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