July 17, 2013

Issue #78

Editor's Note

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League Updates 2013 Hot Bills List

The League’s 2013 Hot Bills List has been updated to reflect the current status of priority legislation following the Legislature’s adjournment for summer recess.

Legislation, Hot Bills

CalPERS to Postpone Searchable Retired Pensioner Database

Calls for Increased Pension Transparency Tabled In Lieu of Legislation

The California Public Employee Retirement System (CalPERS) decided to postpone posting a new online database containing state retiree pension information after announcing plans to reveal the database sometime last week.

Employee Relations, Pension Reform

Quickly Approaching Central Valley Special Election May Define Senate Supermajority

Razor Thin Margin Separate Candidates as SD 16 Election Nears

Heightened attention has been paid in recent weeks to the competitive election brewing between Senate District 16 Republican candidate Andy Vidak and Democratic candidate Leticia Perez.

Elections, Senate
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