July 3, 2013

Issue #74

Editor's Note

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Enterprise Zone Clean-up Legislation Heads to Senate for Concurrence

Assembly Passes SB 90 Earlier Today with Bipartisan Support

Gov. Jerry Brown’s goal of eliminating the state’s Enterprise Zone (EZ) program and replacing it with a new statewide program came to fruition today. With bipartisan support the Assembly passed SB 90 (Galgiani) this morning and immediately transferred it back to the Senate for amendment concurrence. It is anticipated that the bill will also receive bipartisan support in the Senate and be sent to the Governor’s desk.

Economic Development, Enterrpise Zones, Legislation, Hot Bills

U.S. Supreme Court Land Use Decision Likely Not to Have Same Impact on California as Other States

 When the United States Supreme Court issued its ruling in Koontz v. St. Johns River Water Management District last week, questions arose about the nationwide effect on local land use policy and the authority to impose fees on development. The League’s initial analysis finds that this case may not have the same impact in California as it may elsewhere.

Legal Updates, Land Use, Enviromental Quality
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