May 24, 2013

Issue #57

Editor's Note

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Actions Taken on Appropriations Suspense File Items

The Good, the Bad, the Temporary Setback and the Expected

Two days of Appropriations Suspense File hearings in both the Senate and Assembly concluded on Friday with the League receiving mixed news. With the deadline to pass bills from house of origin next week, all action now shifts to the Senate and Assembly floors.

Legislation, Hot Bills, Meetings & Events, Legislative Hearings

Bill Threatening Local Contracting Authority Awaits Action on the Assembly Floor

League-opposed AB 1333 (Hernández), which threatens decades of longstanding authority entrusted to local governments to contract for services by imposing unnecessary and unreasonable requirements, is ready to be taken by the full Assembly for a floor vote next week.

City Managers, Public Works Officers, Infrastructure, Public Works, Administrative Services

Assembly Passes AB 1080, Bill Creating New Economic Development Tool

California cities achieved a victory this morning when the Assembly passed League-supported AB 1080 (Alejo) this morning on a 52–14 vote.

Economic Development, Redevelopment
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