May 6, 2013

Issue #48

Editor's Note

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Supreme Court Upholds City of Riverside’s Medical Marijuana Dispensary Ordinance

League’s Friend-of-the-Court Brief Influences Court’s View of Local Land Use Control

This morning the California Supreme Court, in a long-awaited opinion, rejected a challenge to the city of Riverside’s ordinance banning medical marijuana dispensaries.

Public Safety, Medical Marijuana, Legal Updates

Bills in Committee: May 6–May 10

All eyes will be on the budget this week as the Governor’s May Revise will be released by May 14. Meanwhile Senate and Assembly policy committees face a Friday deadline to hear and report non-fiscal bills to the floor in their house of origin.

Legislation, Meetings & Events, Legislative Hearings

The Bloom is on the Rose in Pasadena, Thanks to State and Local Incentives

With job creation and affordable housing on the minds of public officials across California, the power of state-local partnerships in creating good paying construction and other private sector jobs merits attention. This is part of a series of special papers on some successful partnerships.

Economic Development, Enterprise Zones
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