Feb. 12, 2013
Issue #18

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Duarte, Oxnard and Pasadena Experience Some Successes in Redevelopment Dissolution Litigation

Initially, successes in cases filed by local agencies challenging AB x1 26 and AB 1484 were few and far between, but recently positive results have started to emerge. More than 55 lawsuits have been filed challenging the Department of Finance’s (DOF) decisions. Of those 55 lawsuits, more than 30 are currently active.

Key words: Legal Updates, Economic Development, Redevelopment


Assembly Budget Subcommittee Members Raise Redevelopment Dissolution Concerns

Level of Legislative Follow Up Remains to be Seen

Yesterday, the Assembly Budget Subcommittee #6 on Budget Process, Oversight and Program Evaluation held an informational hearing on redevelopment dissolution issues per ABx1 26 and AB 1484. Representatives from the Department of Finance (DOF) and State Controller’s Office gave presentations. Video of the entire hearing is available on Cal Channel’s website.

Key words: Economic Development, Redevelopment, Meetings and Events, Legislative Hearings


Pension Clean Up Bill Passed Out of Senate Public Employment and Retirement Committee

Yesterday, as expected, SB 13 (Beall) was easily passed out of the Senate Public Employment and Retirement Committee. SB 13 addresses a number of technical clean up provisions needed to implement pension reforms in last year’s AB 340 (Furutani; 2012).

Key words: Employee Relations, Pension Reform, Legislation

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