Jan. 8, 2013
Issue #3

Editor's Note

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Enterprise Zone Program May Continue as Budget Target

The media has speculated in recent weeks that Gov. Jerry Brown’s FY 2012-13 budget plan, expected to be released on Thursday, may contain a proposal to cut or limit the Enterprise Zone tax credit program. To prepare for this possibility, the League has compiled a history document on Enterprise Zones, as well as talking points that include actions that city officials can immediately take to communicate the importance of the Enterprise Zone program to legislators and the public.

Key words: Economic Development, Enterprise Zones, Revenue and Taxation, State Budget


Further Inmate Release Could Be Required Despite Governor’s Executive Order Ending Prison System Emergency

Today, Gov. Jerry Brown held a press conference regarding his Executive Order to end the emergency in California’s prison system. The order includes requests to terminate federal oversight of prison health care, lift the cap on inmate population and includes a plan examining options for further population reductions through inmate releases. The federal district court is expected to respond to the state’s filings on the prison system, particularly the inmate population reduction plan, within 30 days.

Key words: Public Safety, Realignment

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