Nov. 30, 2012
Issue #118

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Supreme Court Declines to Hear Appeal of Costa Mesa Contracting Decision

The California Supreme Court on Wednesday declined to review a Court of Appeal decision that interpreted state law to limit how general law cities may contract for services.

Key Words: Public Contracting, Legal Updates


Skepticism Remains High as LAO Report Predicts Future State Budget Surplus

Shortly before the Thanksgiving holiday, on Nov. 14, the Legislative Analyst’s Office (LAO) released its report “The 2013–14 Budget: California’s Fiscal Outlook,” calling California’s outlook promising and crediting the passage of Proposition 30, predicting a surprising multibillion-dollar surplus within a few years. The report indicates that despite these positive projections for the future, California still faces a deficit of $943 million in FY 2012–13.

Key Words: Revenue and Taxation, State Budget


Senate Innovation and Best Practices in State Government Committee Requests Local Government Representative to Testify at Hearing

Rancho Cordova City Manager Ted Gaebler Speaks on Behalf of League

On Thursday, Rancho Cordova City Manager Ted Gaebler testified before the Senate Committee on Excellence and Innovation in State Government discussing theories from his best-selling book “Reinventing Government.” The committee was seeking input from a number of public and business sector professionals on ways that state government can improve its structure, operations, service delivery, and best practices.

Key Words: Open Government, Meetings and Events, Legislative Hearings


State Controller Addresses City Officials During League’s Municipal Finance Institute This Week in San Jose

On Wednesday, the League’s two-day Municipal Finance Institute kicked off with a crowded general luncheon presentation by state Controller John Chiang.

Key Words: Fiscal Officers, Meetings and Events


CalRecycle Announces Funding for Tire-Derived Aggregate Grant Program

CalRecycle’s Tire-Derived Aggregate (TDA) Grant Program has announced funding for FY 2012–13 and 2013–14 at $1,500,000 annually. Projects may be awarded up to the maximum award of $350,000, except for very large projects, which may be granted up to $750,000.

Key Words: Revenue and Taxation, Grants and Funding



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