2018 Statewide Ballot Measures

322x267-Ballot-Box.jpgMany of the most important public policy decisions affecting the future of cities are being decided through statewide ballot measures. The League’s standing seven policy committees may choose to take up ballot measures or proposed measures that have a direct impact on California cities under their issue expertise and make recommendations to the League Board of Directors for action. Not all measures heard by policy committees go to the full board. If a measure is taken to the full board, it must receive a vote by two-thirds of the directors present for the League to adopt an official position.   

Cities have a great deal at stake on the ballot in 2018 with numerous measures affecting funding for critical local services and local control.

Ballot Measure Activities & Public Resources 

It is imperative that cities and city officials follow the rules and regulations governing ballot measure activity and public resources. The Institute for Local Government's Ballot Measure Actvities & Public Resources can help city officials and staff navigate this process. 

Corporate Tax Trick: Signatures Filed for November Ballot

Signatures have been filed on a measure being funded by billion dollar corporations to shift a bigger tax burden onto families and small businesses while hurting local communities. The League is part of the Committee to Protect Our Communities, a coalition of local government and union groups that formed to oppose this corporate tax trick. If it qualifies for the November 2018 ballot, citizen will need to know that this corporate tax trick is in fact the opposite of taxpayer protection. 

The Sacramento Bee editorial board warns readers, "Local tax limit is soda industry play that goes too far," April 24, 2018

Transportation Protection: Proposition 69, June Ballot

The League supports this ballot measure that prohibits the Legislature from diverting new transportation funds for other purposes. It extends constitutional protections to new revenues generated by SB 1 that are not currently protected and guarantees that transportation funds can only be used for transportation improvement purposes.

SB 1 Repeal Effort: Signature gathering for November Ballot

The League opposes the effort to repeal SB 1. Signatures are being gathered for a November 2018 initiative that would repeal SB 1 and deprive communities of vital road safety and transportation improvement projects.Housing-Logo-e1521822599913.png

Veterans and Affordable Housing Act: November Ballot qualified

The League supports this measure that contains a $4 billion general obligation bond to fund affordable housing programs and the veterans homeownership program (CalVet).

Parks and Water Bond: Proposition 68, June BallotYesOn68_NoTag_Full_Color-2@1000px.png

The League supports this measure that contains a $4 billion bond to address the state’s most important water, parks and natural resource needs. Each city will be receive per-capita funding of at least $200,000 and be eligible to apply for millions of dollars in grants for parks and water infrastructure.

Rainwater Capture Systems and Property Tax Exclusions: Proposition 72, June BallotWater-spout-AdobeStock_112657056.jpeg

The League supports this measure that would provide a property tax exclusion for the construction or addition of a rainwater capture system.

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